Hailey Turner is a human retriever who lives with the Toilers in the wastelands surrounding New Attica. Like his father, Hailey is a retriever, and pilots an air-breaker that he uses to rescue Eva Nine in the Ancient Ruins.


History Edit

Hailey's grandfather, Evan Six (who later changed his name to Van Turner), defected from New Attica and lived with the Toilers until the birth of his son, Hailey's father. Some point after Hailey's birth, his father was killed on an expedition by a sand sniper. Hailey lives with Van Turner, and is constantly repairing an HRP Compact Transcarrier called the Bijou.

In the beginning of A Hero For WondLa, it is mentioned by Van Turner that Hailey was actually asleep onboard his aircraft when it had activated and come to pick up Eva Nine.

Some speculate that Hailey's father, known from his old Omnipod as Evan Seven, was also a sanctuary-born human that was raised by his predecessor, Evan Six. The same scenario that would've transpired with Eva Nine and Eva Eight if Eight had succeeded in taking Nine back to New Attica with her when she was but a baby. Many believe that the pilot mentioned by Eva Eight in the second book that took her to find her sister was in fact Hailey's father who also is mentioned to have a baby son back in the Toiler Camp.

A Hero for WondLa Edit

Following Hailey's brief appearance in the epilogue of The Search for WondLa, he flies Eva Nine and Rovender Kitt to the Toiler's camp, just outside New Attica. They spend the night in Hailey's home, before Eva and Hailey enter New Attica to register her as a new citizen. After meeting with Cadmus Pryde, Hailey leaves. However, he is kidnapped and taken to the MedLabs beneath Attican Hall for "reprogramming." He is later rescued by Eva Nine following her escape from The Suites at Attican Hall, where they free Nadeau, Huxley, and Rovender. After meeting Eva Eight, they escape to the main hangar and board the Bijou. Although the ship is shot down, all of the passengers escape in a life capsule, while Hailey stays behind and is presumed dead. However, in the epilogue following the invasion of Lacus, Eva Nine encounters the wreck of the Bijou, and finds Hailey alive and well. Together, they travel to the Ancient Ruins in a wandering tree.