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The WondLa Wiki is a compilation of all information relating to the WondLa Trilogy, written and illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi.

Eva Nine had never seen the actual sun before, or walked outdoors. In fact, she had never even seen another living person in all twelve years of her life. That changes when a marauding huntsman destroys her underground home and sends her fleeing for her life. She is desperate to find someone else who is like her, and a single clue gives her hope: a crumbling picture of a girl, a robot, an adult, and the word "WondLa."

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The Search is Just Beginning...

New policy regarding canon elements in the WondLa Wiki

In the coming months, Apple TV+ will release an animated interpretation of the WondLa trilogy.

The WondLa trilogy was first published fourteen years ago, and this wiki is currently only reflective of content in the books. This wiki has, for many of these years, served as a guide to the highly complex world created by the WondLa novels, and must maintain this purpose despite the addition of new material not from the books.

This wiki's policy for the time being will be to keep all existing articles focused on events and details as they are described in the books ONLY. TV show information should be supplementary to this.

  • Additional information regarding changes to characters, events, locations, etc. in the animated series should be included in articles only as a separate section of the respective article
  • Existing articles should not be modified to include TV show content in their main body text. Again, make a separate article section for any relevant TV content.
  • Key images for articles (usually the first on the page) should not be changed to screenshots from the TV show. The original books provide plenty of more accurate illustrations to source images from.
  • New content generated by the series (characters, events, places, etc.) that do not appear in the books are to be considered non-canon. On a case-by-case basis, such content will either not be permitted on the wiki outright, or will require sufficiently labeling in the title and appropriate wiki tags for a new article of its own.

If there is high editing traffic on the wiki following the release of the show, this policy may be revised to allow for separate variants of each article (a policy currently used for the Star Wars wiki to segregate Legends and Canon content, and for The Expanse wiki to segregate book and TV content). However, this would require separate versions of each article—one for the book and one for the show—so such a change would only be made with sufficient demand.

—WondLa Wiki administrators


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